The Hugo Alfvén suite at Grand hotel

The Alfvén suite inaugurated 8th December, 1999

Carl Milles byst av Hugo Alfvén

The Hugo Alfvén Suite

In this place with the address  Blasieholmshamnen 8 lived Lotten and Anders Alfvén when     their fourth child, Hugo, was born in 1872. He became one of Sweden’s  best known composers. Among his works are The Midsummer Vigil, the five symphonies, the ballet The Mountain King, the Gustav II Adophus suite containing the wellknown Elegy, Festival Piece,    many cantatas, innumerable art songs, choral pieces and arrangements. He held the position as director musices at Uppsala University 1910-39. As a conductor he mostly presented his own works and as a choral director he led the male student choir Orphei Drängar  1910-47 besides the mixed choir Siljanskören 1904-57. He  died in Falun in 1960.

Bo Larsson made the  paintings in the Alfvén room. The subjects are taken from the most      important surroundings of Hugo Alfvén, that is Stockholm, the Stockholm archipelago, Italy, Uppsala and Dalecarlia. The Alfvén room was furnished in 1999 with contributions from the   Jacob Wallenberg Foundation and the Hugo Alfvén Fund. Interior designer was Karin Ahlgren.

Views from Dalarna

Viws from Italy and Stockholm

Views from Uppsala