Hugo Alfvén’s life 1920-1939

With OD in Norway. RNO (Knight of the North Star Order).Midsommarvaka as a ballet in Paris and London (Swedish Ballet, Börlin). LindagullGustaf Vasa.
Guest conductor in Frankfurt and Helsinki. Elected first conductor wiithin the Swedish Male Choir Association (until 1943).Symphony No. 4 performed twice in Vienna during the autumn. Plans for two operas: Heidenstam’s Eumenides and Selma Lagerlöf’s The Tale of Gösta Berling.
Conducts performances of the ballet Midsommarvaka in Vienna. 50th birthday celebrated with an Alfvén concert at Skansen in Stockholm. Summer on Capri: takes up painting again.
Bergakungen (The Mountain King) completed and performed at the Royal Opera. Leads the fourth Swedish Male Choir Festival in Gothenburg comprising 6,500 singers.
Conducts OD in Helsinki, Copenhagen and Paris. Journey to Italy (until 1925). Cantata for the 50th Anniversary of the World Postal Union.
Exhibition of his water colours for the first time in Uppsala during the spring. Resigns directorship of OD, but is persuaded to stay. Invited to become a honorary director of the Swedish Choir Association, but declines. En båt med blommor (A Boat with Flowers).
With OD in Kiel, and with the Swedish Male Choir Association’s elite choir in Lübeck, Berlin, Prague and Vienna.
Uppsala University Cantata.
Tours with OD in Denmark, Holland and Belgium and with the Male Choir Association’s Choir in Norrland. OD’s 75th Anniversary.Manhem.
With OD in Finland, the Baltic States and Spain. Guest conductor at a Festival of Swedish Music in Barcelona. Moves into Musicum, the new director musices building in Uppsala.
Directs 7,500 singers at the fifth Swedish Male Choir Festival at the Stadium, Stockholm. Allmänna Sången’s 100 year anniversary.Cantata for the Swedish Red Cross, Homage to Humanity.
OD performs at a Scandinavian Academic Singers’ Meeting in Copenhagen. The residence in Tällberg is sold. Dalarapsodi

Music to Ludvig Nordström’s Play “Vi” (We) on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the death of Gustavus Adolphus.
Guest conductor in London.
Music for the film “Synnöve Solbakken”.
Elected director of the newly-formed Uppsala mixed student choir (until 1938).
Directs at the sixth Swedish Male Choir Festival in Gothenburg. New ballet on Midsommarvaka (Lalla Cassel). Divorce from Maria, married to Carin Wessberg.
Emeritus as director musices, but appointed until 1939. Attends the Composer Congress in Paris during the summer. With the Siljan Choir in Norway.
With the Swedish Male Choir Association’s elite choir in USA. Guest conductor in Philadelphia and Boston, offered the conductorship of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
Final concert with Akademiska Kapellet in Uppsala. Own radio concert in May, broadcast to nine countries. With OD in Norway. Moves to the Sämskar house in Leksand (until 1945).